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EFT is a simple technique which seeks to rectify emotional imbalance within the body. It works by 'tapping' on certain energy points to create changes and was first discovered by Dr Roger Callahan, a clinical psychologist, in 1980. The technique currently favoured by many therapists was developed by a student of Dr Callaghan, Gary Craig in the early 1990's.

His system uses all thirteen acupuncture/acupressure/meridian points.

Thoughts, emotions and the energy field within the body are closely linked and by tapping on these meridian points while thinking of specific issues, negative emotions can be released rapidly and easily.

'We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make our world'


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Watch 'The Power of Words' - The Red Balloon: http//

The video was produced to demonstrate the power of language in advertising and marketing.

It is also a practical example of how quickly the use of words can change peoples perceptions and it emphasises the importance of being aware your own 'self talk' in influencing your behaviour.


'It is not the actual words themselves that create consciousness or heal the body or change conditions. They're just the forms we use to express feelings and thoughts. It is the awakened realisations behind them that have the real power, and words with spiritual power go forth and create'

Andrea Gardner, 'Change Your Words, Change Your World' 

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